10 Facts about Hitler, You dont know.

Here we are with some interesting facts about German Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.
No one lived in this world who was more cruel than Hitler. He is the reason for the killing of many people in the whole world. But apart from his usual cruelty and his appearance what do you know about him?? Not much right. For that matter we brings you 10 unknown facts about Adolf Hitler you didn’t know.

1. Hitler Was Once Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
hitler nomination for Nobel prize image
Nazi Incredulous though it may seem today, the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939, by a member of the Swedish parliament, an E.G.C. Brandt. Apparently though, Brandt never intended the nomination to be taken seriously. The nomination was then withdrawn by him in a letter dated February 1 1939.

2. Hitler Lived In Homeless Shelters

Hitler living in homeless shelter image
During his adolescent years Hitler wasn’t that wealthy. He was forced to measure in an exceedingly Homeless Shelter in Vienna (capital of Austria) and tried to create a living by merchandising his paintings.

3. Hitler’s First Love was a Jewish girl.

Hitler’s first love was Jewish girl. Lacking courage, he never spoke to her.
He was only 16 at the time, when he wrote number of love poems about her.
Some sources claim Hitler even contemplated suicide as an escape from the suffering his Love caused him.

4. Hitler Never Visited The Concentration Camp.

hitler concentration camp images
Every one is aware of what a concentration camp is. In his days Nazi dictator had nearly 1,000 concentration camps those are liable for the killing of nearly nearly millions of people. And amazingly he never set a foot in any of them. In fact he was very careful about keeping a safe distance from all the dirty works. He deliberately spoke very vaguely about the subject and no written order about the killing ever ever existed. He give the most sensible orders exclusively and verbally.

5. The First Public Anti Smoking Campaign

#Hitler led the first biggest public anti-smoking campaign in modern #history

It was the only good thing he had done in his entire life. Hitler Lead the first ever public anti-smoking campaign in modern history.
“The Nazi Anti Tobacco Campaign” banned smoking in public transport vehicles and raised the tobacco tax. They also promoted health education and organize lectures for soldiers.
This campaign was very strong in 1930’s and 1940’s. But it didn’t had much influence after Hitler’s death.

6. Hitler was Was Afraid Of Cats

This is somehow funny. The man who terrifies the whole world was suffering from Ailurophobia, the fear of cats.

7. Hitler Life was spared in WW-I

During World War I, A British soldier spared the life of a wounded German. Who Adolf Hitler.
The soldier had a clear aim to kill at point blank. but he decided not to shoot him and spare his life.Article about Hitler. images
Hitler latter found an article about the soldier, Recognize him in the picture and saved the clipping.

8.He Created Laws Against Animal Cruelty
Hitler laws for Animal. Images
When Nazi Party came to power in 1933, He created laws against animal cruelty which includes animals slaughters and animal transport. Most importantly, he prohibited animal hunting Afterwards that if anyone mistreated animals in Nazi Germany was sentenced to prison for two years.

9. Hitler Was not Born in Germany.

It will be shocking to know that Hitler was not born in Germany instead he was born in Austria. He got the German citizenship only in 1932 until then he was not a German citizen.

10.He Was Time Magazine’s Man Of The Year 1938

Hitler Man of the year

This is really silly. He was awarded Time Magazine’s Man Of The Year 1938. The reason behind this was the meeting between 3 national leader and Hitler which prevented another world war by granting Hitler Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia.



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