ACCA F5-Performance Management-Text eBook

ACCA F5.imageExam Focused ACCA F5 Study Text. This Book brings all relevant information under one roof through systematic procedure to eliminate information gathering on ACCA F5 exam paper. and prevents the chances of omission of important information about the ACCA F5 exam paper.


ACCA F5 Table of Contents

  1. Activity Based Costing
  2. Life Cycle Costing
  3. Target Costing
  4. Throughput Accounting
  5. Environmental Accounting
  6. Relevant Costing
  7. Short Term Decision Making
  8. Cost Volume Profit Analysis
  9. Pricing Decisions
  10. Linear Programming
  11. Risk & Uncertainty In Decision Making
  12. Learning Curve Theory
  13. Forecasting
  14. Budgeting Systems
  15. Types Of Budgeting
  16. Basic Variance Analysis
  17. Mix & Yield Variances
  18. Planning & Operational Variance
  19. Financial Performance Measurement
  20. Non Financial Performance Measurement
  21. Transfer Pricing
  22. Behavioral Aspects Of Performance Measurement.
This study material takes account of examiners comments and reports, past exam papers, student accountant articles, tips from other tutors, syllabus areas examined by other professional accountancy bodies, publications in business magazines etc. It also serves as standard or benchmark to review the study material for quality (reliability, accuracy, Understandability, timeliness,completeness).

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