Closing your fist, describe your personality

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.
Shawn Ashmore

Do you remember who thought you to put your hands in fist position?
No One. We were born knowing ways to make this easy movement. Therefore, it is natural. That is why some people believe, that the way we fist out hand says something about our personality, the manner we relate to others or how we decides.

According to ( A web page), the way you set your fingers (making fist) could be a projection in your character traits/Personality. And shows how you have a tendency towards a relationship or a particular stat. Subconscious you close your hand into fist when you are angry, stressed or frustrated.

If you do not like boxing or punching you usually stick surely not think much about how to close the fist. But the truth is that you should, because it says a lot about you.
Come on, close it and compare it using the following figures :

1. All fingers on the thumb


How others see them :

These individuals have a really inventive aspect. They are humorous  and communicative, Though they are terribly emotional & typically react quickly to changes. Individuals with such temperament are often pragmatic and smart for art. They may be cautious and, thanks to its sensitive nature, they have a tendency to stress plenty. they’re intelligent, like harmony and are honest, however they are also smart at manipulating others.

How they are currently :

Individuals like such prefer to stay quiet. This is because of their gentle nature that they prefer to remain calm rather than hurt someone. They are usually sociable and easy to hold. they only need a slight freedom to live their dreams. Mostly they have few but close friends.

When they are in adore : 
They hate dramas. Therefore, they prefer to be in a relaxed and comfortable situations. The same with their  relationships. Their biggest weakness is their compassion. Even if they have been hurt inside the depths, they always ready to forgive and forget.

2. Thumb on all fingers


How others see them :

People who have closed fist are also much innovative and talented. they have a special charm and frankness to make friends easily. They‘re generous, intelligent and have lots of self – esteem. Power is incredibly vital to them and are willing to fight for it. At the same time, they’re versatile and attentive.

How they are currently :

They have a very sensitive heart. They try and do many things, but are fearful of being hurt. This is because they have too large expectations and at the same time, fear of losing. They need encouragement. Moreover, they don‘t need much to become happy. But desire people to understand them and know who they are.

When they are in love : 
They tend to give lots of laps to things. Which means that sometimes they remain in painful memories, and can not let go. They love people but remain in doubts. They want others beside them, but are also afraid of them for becoming too close . As they feel so much love, and do not want to loose anything. Such people do not want to appear needy and hence, act differently from what they really are.

3. Thumb on a finger


How others see them :

These people are observing and sensitive. They have lots of imagination and intuition. They prefer to help and are enthusiastic but only for what interests them. Therefore, they can get restless as they place all their energy on their own interests. They‘re curious, venturesome nature and have nice sense of humor. they need the flexibility to mock themselves too.

What are they like :

Individuals with such traits always want to be secured and to be treated honestly. They likes when they are treated like a real person and are accepted. They are often too kind to other people but also never left the chance of taken advantage over other individuals. The most important thing for them is that people remain honest with them and take a good care of them. They realize very quickly about other people behavior and reaction towards them is.

When they are in love :

They are lacking the ability of expressing their true feelings. And often their partners are complaining of their behavior. This doesn’t mean they are not honest in their relations, but they don‘t talk much concerning about their feelings. Also it is not true that they never get angry. They do. but they often put their feelings in the background.


It is amazing to know how much my fist can tell about my personality.
My description is completely true. But let us know about yours in the comments. 🙂


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