Download free e-Book-Recruit! Becoming The Top-Biller

Download free e-Book-Recruit! Becoming The Top-Biller
Recruite free e book

Download free e-Book-Recruit! Becoming The Top-Biller

by David Sweet, PH.D.

Finally, a sales book for recruiters that helps them close for more business! This book is for recruiters who want to make more placements.

In this book you will discover how to:

  • Recruit with laser-like focus
  • Create a memorable effect for clients and candidates
  • Follow a process that makes higher billings and more recruitement.
  • Develop repeat and referral business
  • A book that you can use right away!

For over a decade, David has worked with recruiters all over the world. His presentations have been popular with recruiters and professionals around the globe to help them consistently bill more. Rather than just theory, he shows you easy to apply techniques you can use in your recruitment business right away. Written before the economic crash in the U.S. in 2007, the guidelines in this Recruit! have been tested both in the U.S. and in Asia to be effective in challenging markets. As well as a writer and speaker, David runs his own desk and is the managing director of a nationally recognized recruitment firm in Tokyo, Top Grade Japan.

Recommendations for Recruit!

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“Dr. Sweet gives recruiters what they truly need to know from the point of view of someone who has been there and done that and knows how to succeed. He has provided the template for becoming a world-class professional recruiter in clear and direct language. Finally, the rules of recruitment made simple!”

-Barry Niemann, CPC, CIPC and past president of the National Association of Personnel Consultants

“The results of reading and putting this book into action will impact your career and business, as well as your personal life. It is an agent for anyone in staffing who wishes to build future success.”

-Doug Franklin, Hudson Highland Group

“This book is a great resource for any junior or even experienced recruiter. The format is simple and the information easy to implement. I highly highly recommend this to anyone either in or looking to get in to recruitment.”


Download free e-Book-Recruit! Becoming The Top-Biller
Download free e-Book-Recruit! Becoming The Top-Biller

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