How Google is superseding Apple in business

This week didn’t seems useful in business for Apple.

The Google Pixel
The Google Pixel

Google’s new Pixel phone propelled to positive review, to a great extent as a result of the new advanced helper called Google Assistant in it.

It’s generally simple to make a top of the line cell phone nowadays. The real challenge is lighting it up with special programming that helps you accomplish more.

And the new Google Assistant accomplishes just that.

The Pixel, the primary smart phone designed by Google, is the remedy to the large number of Android’s issues. The smartphone, which begins at $649 and goes on sale this week generating making good business, highlights Google’s desire to reclaim control of Android and proved it can be a streamlined and easy-to-use platform. The Pixel isnt the modified Android you’ve experienced on phones from Samsung or LG. It’s “pure” Android, delivered the way Google intended it. And it’s really, really good.

Android has always been an issue for its user.

Its great quality is the openness and capacity for phone maker to modify its software. But at the same time,it is most prominent shortcoming. It has caused fragmentation, spotty or missed updates, and major security concerns. After such a long time, the organizations that make Android telephones have shown no sign of improvement.

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The Pixel is an amazing Smartphone, and it’s what Android should have been from the start. Google has figured it out that it’s not sufficient to make awesome software only. You also need to combine it with excellent hardware. Yes, that ought to be self-evident though it has been Apple’s philosophy for decades. But it’s the truth.

Google also has a major advantage over Apple. It has always been better at software and services, and nothing proves that more than Google Assistant. The new digital helper that lives inside the Pixel and future Google-made products like the Google Home speaker.

Right out of the gate, Assistant is noticeably smarter and more capable than Siri, a stark embarrassment for Apple, which had a five-year head start on Google. AI and voice control are considered to be the next big step in how we compute (just look at the early success of the Amazon Echo), and Google has already pulled ahead.

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The new Google Assistant functions a lot like Siri. Tap and hold the home button, and the Assistant pops up to ask what you need. Google Assistant pulls information from everything you do in Google’s services, from Search to Gmail to Calendar to Photos. The more Google services you use, the better Assistant becomes at helping you.

Google Assistant is also better at answering questions than the competition, thanks to its ability to tap into Google’s vast Knowledge Graph and deliver the single answer to the question you ask. Google Assistant has so many impressive skills that it’s impossible to list them all now.

Apple Siri

Though Siri had a five-year head start on Google Assistant, and Apple totally blew it. Siri struggles to answer even the simplest of queries. It wasn’t until two tech columnists recently pointed out those flaws that Siri quickly learned the answers to some of the questions they were griping about. Curious!

Actually Apple can’t be responsive and enhance Siri each time somebody writes about its imperfections.

In any case, until further notice, Google Assistant is unmistakably ahead of the pack, and that lead will just get more extensive as more individuals use the pixel and share the knowledge.



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