Nothing is ever for sure… By Vanessa Chantal

Vanessa Chantal


“Nothing is ever for sure, but when something in love doesn’t work from the beginning, it’s never going to work. Don’t push it”. Vanessa Chantal Paradis

Vanessa Chantal Paradis (born 22 Dec, 1972), known as Vanessa Paradis, is a French singer, model and actress. She became a child star when she was 14 with the worldwide success of her single “Joe le taxi”. Since 1991, Paradis has been a spokes-model for Chanel. Paradis released her new album (Divinidylle) in 2007 which was released in the United Kingdom on 11 Dec (September in France).There are three versions (regular, limited edition, and the Christmas edition). She started the Divinidylle Tour in October. Some concerts were filmed and a DVD/CD of the tour was released.

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“Sometimes you could be in an unhappy relationship; you are very much in love with someone, but it’s making you unhappy and you think things can change and you can work it out”.

“I don’t have famous neighbors and if I did, I’d avoid them. I don’t live the jet-set”.




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