Nuclear aircraft, which fly 3 times the speed of sound


nuclear aircraft, supersonic

Spain, an engineering designer from Barcelona has a unique nuclear aircraft ‘Falcon Flash’. This nuclear aircraft, which is envisioned, would be carrying 250 passengers, and will be able to fly 3 times the speed of sound, that is if you go to New York, USA from Karachi , Pakistan, this aircraft will take just 4 hours to land you there.

Oscar Viñals, The Spanish designer’s idea is still confined to the drawing board, but they are working to implement it. this will be two storey passenger aircraft and would only have first class and business class ticket to travel in it.

nuclear aircraft, supersonic


The jet’s will run faster with the help of electric power, the direction of which can be changed when needed. This aircraft capacity is known as  ‘Thrust vectoring’  which appears in the fighter planes like in  British ‘Harrier Jump Jet‘.
It is because of this  “Thrust vectoring” that such hyper sonic aircraft will rise up into the air like a helicopter and divert their engines after reaching the proper height and will be moving towards its destination.

During the flight, it will be elevated higher above the ground until it reaches the atmosphere. Air pressure is negligible in such a high altitude. Taking advantage of the fact it will take its engines to full power and high-speed (3 times faster than voice or Mach 3). The aircraft will be able to determine the distance of more than 3700 kilometers an hour.

nuclear aircraft, supersonic


Although, the amazing qualities and skills are not beyond the drawing board and animation but most incredible aspect of this is the ‘nuclear fusion reactor, which is to be put in this aircraft to run its engine. Incredible because first there is no such ‘nuclear fusion reactor, been build, however, the “International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor’ ‘(ITER) continues to build a nuclear power plant under the international project but they will be very big in size.


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