Petition filed in Lahore High Court against Indian movies in Pakistan

A petition in Lahore High Court, Pakistan (LHC) has been filed by Advocate Ishtiaq Ahmed Chaudhry. He asked the court to ban Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas till Kashmir dispute is totally resolved.

According to the sources, the petition filed by the advocate maintains the stance of brutality in occupied Kashmir. The Indian forces are continuing to oppress Kashmiris with their brutality. Whereas, the cinemas in Pakistan are busy in promoting and screening Indian movies.

Moreover, the petition claim that the government’s twin policy is contradictory. On one hand, they want the geographic region issue to be resolved. however, on th eother hand, they keep promoting India movies. which assist them raise cash that they eventually use to shock Kashmiris

As per motion photos ordinance 1979 and Pakistan’s import policy, the broadcasting of Indian movies may be a violation. Ishtiaq Chaudhry conjointly declared that Indian movies exhibit chaos and stimulates violence against Pakistan’s ideology. The petitioner asked the govt to raise native industry.

Petition for complete ban

While displaying solidarity with innocent Kashmiris, Ishtiaq Ahmed has pleaded to impose complete ban on all entertainment material of neighboring country including their movies. The filer has also asked to keep the ban imposed until India agree to resolve Kashmir issue and Kashmiries gain independence.

The court summoned notification from the Central Board of Film Censors-Pakistan with in a week.

A petition filed by the local film producers and distributors association earlier this year has been disposed by Chief Justice of LHC Syed Mansoor Ali Shah . The petition was against the illegal import and exhibition of Indian movies since it was damaging the local film industry.

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