The Kashmir conflict, and Indian propaganda

The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan, having started just after the partition of India in 1947. China has at times played a minor role.[2] India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir, including the Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1947 and1965, as well as the Kargil War. The two countries have also been involved in several skirmishes over control of the Siachen Glacier.

The root of conflict between the Kashmiri insurgents and the Indian government is tied to a dispute over local autonomy. The latest tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours follow the death of 18 Indian soldiers in a cross-border attack by suspected Kashmiri rebels in Indian-administered Kashmir last month.
In response, India’s military said it had conducted “surgical strikes” against “terrorist units” on Pakistan’s side of the border. Pakistan rejected the claims as an “illusion”.

Many talks and discussion happened on different media all over the world, rejecting the claim of India’s “surgical strikes” during last two weeks. KnowledgeTail also collected some evidence, which proves the illusion created by Indian Government and its media.

On June 9, 2015, Indian Army’s Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh announced India conducted a Surgical Strike across international borders into Myanmar, where Indian commandos destroyed terror camps run by Manipur state citizens demanding end to Indian rule on their land.

The Indian Army quietly released triumphant pictures of the Indian commando team to an Indian news agency called ANI. The faces of the soldiers were blurred, ‘to protect their identity’ said the celebratory ANI wire story which was published by every big and small newspaper and TV station in India.

Eventually, and as the pictures in this album confirm, it turned out they were fake. They were stock photos that the Indian Army’s media wing used for what it called ‘representational purposes’.

Here is another one.

The above pic was shared with detailed caption by ANI News ( An Indian Govt. News Agency)kashmir


Journalists were furious at how brazenly the Indian government and Indian army lied to the nation.

This was June 2015. No evidence was found that India conducted any surgical or non-surgical strike in Myanmar, which in turn also denied it and confirmed no Indian troops entered Myanmar and cannot do so without permission.

Same was denied by an army officer through Hindustan Times saying that Army had released these images to be used as “Representational” photos and did not mean it was “Operational” photos.

Seriously? 🙂

Fast forward September 2016. India made a similar claim of a commando operation inside Azad (Free) Kashmir, which is the part of Kashmir not occupied by India and is administered by Pakistan, the country that Kashmiris sympathize with. India claimed it struck terror camps.

Again, no evidence exists to support the heroic Indian surgical strike claim. Ironically, Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh is involved this time too. Luckily, however, he did not risk releasing any fake pictures this time. 🙂

This incident illustrates how the Indian government and military lie on important strategic matters not only to the world but to their own people.

[These pictures were shown and discussed by Ahmed Quraishi on his political talk show #At_Q on #NeoNetwork on Oct. 2, 2016]


Another Indian military embarrassment is brewing currently.
Sources confirmed that Indian Army & Bollywood crews seal Lipa Sector of Kashmir to film a fake video of Surgical Strike

A member of the India-installed assembly in Kashmir releases an Indian Army military secret by saying that the army has sealed Lipa Sector of Kashmir where Bollywood crews are filming a fake video of the alleged Surgical Strike to silence the critics of Indian PM Modi and critics of Indian army which has been caught lying to Indian public and media. Pakistan, US and UN military observers have confirmed that no surgical strike was carried out by Indian army in Kashmir.

Recently, In His speech Indian prime minister Modi amid tension with Pakistan” and declined the surgical strike saying that

“India has never attacked another country”
Source: Hindustan Times

His remarks came in the backdrop of escalating India-Pakistan tension after the September 18 attack at the Uri army base in Jammu and Kashmir, in which 18 soldiers were killed, and the Indian military’s subsequent surgical strikes across the Line of Control, the de facto border.
The Uri attack was the tipping point as Pakistan, accused of harbouring militants to do its military’s bidding, ratcheted up the Kashmir issue after civilian unrest engulfed the frontier state over the killing of a militant leader in July.


All these facts and evidence shows, how Indian Government and its Army is creating illusion for the entire world and give false statements to create a bad image of Pakistan.

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